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If you wish to contact me for any reason, perhaps you worked at/visited Saint Augustine’s, have more photos or videos you think are relevant to be put up on the site, or notice any mistakes I may have made here, or for whatever reason, please feel free to contact me through the form below:

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  1. Hi There Folks,
    I was a resident of Redwood House, and did my school-work at the next door building Beech House, in the
    grounds of St. Augustines Hospital;, between 20th October 1967 and 23rd February 1968.
    I remember the teachers at Beech were, Mr Guy (Headmaster), Mr Pearce (my teacher\0 and there was a 3rd teacher at Beech House, Mr Broyad.
    The Consultant Psyciatrist was a french man, Doctor Turle, the Consultant psycologist was Mr Wollen (a kojac lookalike). There were 2 lovely Staff Nurse’s Mrs Phillips and Mrs Hopper, Male nurse’s were Norman Draper, John Potter and Night Nurse Mr Solitzac (a polish man who we took the mickey out of as his command of the english language was “terrible”. I had terrible bullying problems etc. and my own school in consultation with my (late) parents Aileen & Derrick and the Child Psycology Unit at the Great Oaks Clinic, here in Basildon, said there was a unit in East Kent (Redwood & Beech Houses in the grounds of a St. Augustines Hospital, near Canterbury, that could help with my problems. Reluctantly Mum & Dad agreed to my going there. So on 2oth October 1967 I arrived at St. Augustine’s.After “treatment” I returned home on 23rd February 1968 and I returned to my School, Craylands Secondary School, Timberlog Lane, here in Basildon, Essex..
    In those days I was a 13 year old 6ft tall boy. And I was a loner so you can imagime the ridicule I suffered….. well you can ….
    I would love to here from anyone who remembered me from those “heady and far off days of 1967 – 68. Also any photo memories would be appreciated please!!!!!
    I was a 13 year old 6ft tall boy in 1967.who felt was in the wrong body. On 12th January last year (2017) I had a full sex change opera\tion, in Belgrade, Serbia. I am now a 64 year old transgendered lady and I am now known as Andrea Nichols. I live in elderly persons accomodation, off Beech Road, Basildon. near the Winged Horse Pub, on the 8 & 8a Bus Routes.
    I’d love to hear from any residents or staff of Redwood & Beech House’s between October 1967 and February 1968. Bless you all.


    • Wow Andrea, what a story, I really hope that you had some sort of response. I wish you every happiness. Best wishes Louise Matthews


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