Welcome to the Photos section of our website. Below you will find links to galleries of photos (Or find them in the drop down menu under photos). You can mouse over the images in each to read the caption, but to view larger photos and read their captions (Not all will have captions, but most will), just click on the picture you are interested in to make the gallery full screen. Each gallery has introduction text at the beginning, to let you know where and when they were taken, and what is being depicted (If known!). Please enjoy!

After closure

Here are a bunch of shots from after the site was closed.

All photos, full size

Here is every photo contained on this site, in no particular order, in full size.

Black & white images

Here is a selection of old black & white images, mainly of the hospital interior

Boiler Room model

Photos of a model showing the arrangement of the steam boiler room, from 1936 – 1989.

Original upload, with dates and descriptions

The original upload to this site. Photos arranged by date, with captions. This is the most complete set of pictures we have.

Random pictures

Unfortunately, I know very little of these photo’s, hence the title of Random. 

Readers Photos

Pictures sent in to me by visitors to the site.



7 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Excellent photos and site. I trained and worked at the Hospital between 1978 and 84 before moving on to community work. My father Jim Tamsitt was a charge nurse and worked from 1957 to his retirement in the 90’s. Keep up the good work.


    • David – my mother used to work with your father on Cedar Ward she was a Nursing Assistant and I worked as a domestic cleaner on the same ward.


  2. This complete site makes me now feel very old, Being an apprentice plumber in Canterbury, and the chap who was teaching me for 4yrs often would ask me to deliver the late night evening std newspapers here on my way home to chilham, very often after dropping of the pile of papers in the main reception I would have to hang around to get the money of a chap for the papers at end of week, nearly every time strange women would say to me, your a good boy, let me show you around the place. every time a white coat chap would send them away, I was only about 16-17 at the time, please understand this would scare me every time, but I got used to it. I had lots of chartham sec school friends here while they stayed at Beech house. I also remember a staff bar somewhere on the site where I often got asked round for a swift half.


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