Original upload, with dates and descriptions

Welcome to the Photos section of our website. Below you will find gallerys of photos, ordered by date. You can mouse over the image to read the caption, but to view larger photos and read their captions (Not all will have captions, but most will), just click on the picture you are interested in to make the gallery full screen. Each gallery has introduction text at the beginning, to let you know where and when they were taken, and what is being depicted. Please enjoy!


Following is a copy of the flyer for a fete, held on the grounds on Saturday 12th June 1976. With a show by the REME Parachute Display Team, and attended by Peter Clark, of the ITV News show Day to Day, by whom the flyer was autographed.

Following are pictures of the grounds between 1975 and 1978. Just after these pictures were taken from the 100ft water tower, the roof of the tower was replaced due to rotting, with a new hatch, made from the reclaimed wood of a nearby allotment tool shed:


My favourite photos of all, the Boiler Room, Generators and Workshop, taken between 1979 and 1981.

These are from a childrens Christmas party in 1979, held on the site in Johnson House.


These are photos from a garden party, held on the site in Summer 1982.

Following are some photos of the internal telephone exchange, and a couple from the mess room above the boiler room.

Here are some photos of the aftermath when a Hospital Porter left the keys in their van at Oak House. A suicidal patient drove it off and hit someone’s car, in an attempt to kill themselves. The patient survived, having ripped the front wheel off the van in the accident and ending up in someone’s front garden.


Here we see, in spring 1984, Princess Anne visited the site, to open the stables for the riding for the disabled.

Following are pictures of the grounds between 1984 and 1985.

A new Generator arrives, pictured from the water tower.


Known as “The Great Contamination”, During a routine inspection, rust is discovered in the top cap of the chimney. There are 3 inner flues, separated from the outer stack by an insulating medium, which had been removed by vacuum from the manhole at the base, or most of it had been. Rain had wetted the top section, and the insulation was stuck, until the section was lifted.

Here are some pictures of the new mess and workshop, opened in 1984 after the stores were vacated.

Here is the Aftermath, in and around the site, of the famous Hurricane of 1987


These 2 photos are of my father, sometime between ’87 and ’93, at some kind of party on the site.


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