Readers Photos

Following are pictures sent in to me by visitors to the site.

Contributed by John Towner

Contributed by Karen Ripley

Contributed by Peter Marsh

Contributed by Stephen Reynolds




8 thoughts on “Readers Photos

  1. I have left a message for the site administrator Stacy Leith that I have a few photos supplied to me by my Aunt Mrs Daphne Jones who was the manager of the hairdressing salon at St Augustine’s ( 1960 – 1989 )
    of her and her work colleagues Stephanie Tupp and Janet Onslow and a copy of the magazine of 1970 featuring the retirement of the Matron Mary Rennie Peterkin.


  2. I remember Steve Reynolds. Was he a porter? I think I may have worked up there about same time as him. But not sure. I was a cleaner for a couple of years up there about 79-80-81. May have known him more likely though the social club though.


    • I worked as a nursing assistant 1980-85. I knew a Steve Reynolds he was a staff nurse on magnolia ward at one time.


  3. My dad use to work at the hospital from the mid 70s up to almost the closer date he was a portor by the name of malcolm harris but everyone knew him as Dougie. Sadly he passed away Saturday (4th) March and lost contact with those he worked with. He loved working there and I have fond memories of spending a lot of time there. This is my way in some way off letting people that he may of known about losing such a great man. Many thanks x


  4. Peter Marsh’s photos: Tom & Marie in Johnson House (son, Roy, passed away recently).
    Jack Juniper (Archery Club) – where’s his shadow, Alec Hastings?
    Photo of Gunne Moen one of a batch of Norwegian nurses who came in 1973-4


  5. Steve was a deputy ward manager who then moved on to be a nurse specialist I worked with him on hazel ward


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