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This section is to outline Website updates, planned future updates and features.


21/12/2014 – More photos uploaded (Finally!) :Find them here:

After a long time of saying I would get it done, I have scanned and uploaded all the new photos I’ve acquired (81 in total). A new job, a new son, and family life have eaten away at my time, and I do apologise for the long wait for these! I hope you enjoy!


17/09/2014 – Facebook group created

I have created a closed Facebook group so people can join and chat easier if they wish. You can find the group and apply here:

Future Updates

Features I am currently working on for this site include:

  • Aerial Photos of the site from 1960-present – Implemented 16/09/2014
  • Map of the old site buildings, with their names, superimposed onto an aerial shot of the current houses. Anyone visiting or living there will be able to see what part of the site they live on.
  • I have arrange to visit the site, as the Chapel, Centre and Water Tower still stand, plus 2 or 3 derelict buildings in the woods, and possibly a bit of the cemetery, and I would like to get photos of it all for the website.
  • More photos to come!
  • Re-edit of our video, as I have tracked down the original footage on 8mm, so hopefully get the sound back, and better quality.

If you have any suggestions for content, or anything to add, please contact me.

16/09/2014 – Site is Live!

The site is finally up, running and open to the public. The reaction has been brilliant, it’s overwhelming the amount of people that have contacted me with thanks and feedback! We have had 2,500+ page views in 2 days, and that is epic. Thank you all so much, more updates to come in the following weeks.


Stacy Leith, Site Admin.


10 thoughts on “Site News

  1. Fantastic site .. I worked there as a student nurse for six weeks and again later as a tutor for a short time in the old education centre that backed onto the main road. I know lots of people who worked there including my neighbour Sylvia Gipson who I will share this site with. Sadly I do not have any photos but remember so well the closing speech by one of the patients there who used to dress as a nursing sister .. she once told me off for not wearing my uniform properly and I did not realise she was a patient!!

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  2. Hello there. I worked there from 1981 initially as a nursing assistant on magnolia ward. I did my enrolled nurse training between 1983/85. When I qualified I worked nights for 6 years and left to work in rehab I think in 91. My mum worked at st augustines as a ward sister.


  3. Hi. This site is really interesting and you have obviously put a lot of effort into it. I have lived on St Augustines for 10 years and have been searching for information and photos about the hospital especially in its latter years. This site has been really useful and absorbing for me, so if I can be of any help to you in any way as you develop it (e.g recent photos) then please do let me know.


  4. Was very interested to see this as my daughter now lives on this estate. Am hoping to move there myself soon. I found the video very moving imagining the poor soles in those buildings. My uncle spent some time in Beech House after suffering a break down


    • Ann,
      May I ask when your uncle was resident in Beech House? From what I can remember as an adolescent residing in Redwood House in 1972 and which was situated opposite, Beech House was then a school for those of us who were sent to Redwood before school leaving age.
      I mourn the death of St Augustines Hospital. Not only was it the embodiment of society’s commitment to mental health care but it was also a legacy of grand, monumental Victorian architecture smashed to pieces by a newer society without adherents to our Victorian heritage.
      On the contrary I have many wonderful and lasting memories of my term at St Augustines, woven into dark days of course (I was a patient for a reason after all!).
      May I say, although it was a very long time ago I have no recollections of being treated other than caringly.
      Kind regards,


  5. I visited on Sunday after not seeing the site since 1981 I met a lady who said she had just bought the remaining site is this true ? X


  6. In reply to Ann above I was a resident in Redwood House and was abused by other residents and staff in 1986 to 1988. It was hell for me and I will never get over it. Yes, admire it’s architecture but it can never be admired as an institution at all. The standards of care now are poor but never as poor as then. When staff were dismissed for malpratice they got another job within days!


  7. I was at Redwood House in 1986. Will never forget it. Constant abuse and bullying. Staff never physically abused me but the staff encouraged the other inmates to, for no other reason than I was shy for all I ever gathered. All the so called therapy was telling me I must have been abused, and that of course denying it was a symptom of being abused! It was ran more like a correctional facility than a therapeutic one. I don’t think anybody ever got better, at least while I was there.


    • HI Kerry,

      You may not remember me, but I remember you (at least if you are the ‘Kerry’) I am thinking of. I remember you well. It wasn’t therapeutic, and I too refer to it as a prison sentence. While some, may have positive experiences of Redwood, I can only imagine they must have been negative for most children while I was there. I was there between 1987 and 1989 then for another short time in 1990. Gayle


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